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Reflexology comes to The Marlow Clinic

We are very pleased to be joined at The Marlow Clinic by Jeanette Wallis from Wallis Healthcare who is an experienced Reflexologist specialising in women’s health and Fertility. She has been a complementary health therapist for more than 20 years.  She works in London, Maidenhead, Henley and now brings Reflexology to Marlow.

Here’s what Jeanette has to say about her skills and practice:

‘I believe that the mind effects the physical conditions in the body.  My practice is a positive approach to provide optimum health and well-being.  I use a unique combination of Reflexology and NLP (neuro linguistic programming).

The pain and disappointment of not conceiving as and when you want to is something that only the individual couple know how that feels.  No two couples are the same.  And as time moves on and still a baby doesn’t appear, the pain gets deeper.  Some women long for finding a medical reason for not getting pregnant, but what happens when they are told all is well?  I firmly believe the mind affects the physical body. I will support you through a different way at looking at your current disappointment and take you on a journey of self discovery, turning your disappointment into a happy outcome.  Whatever shape or form that takes you.’

Jeanette can be contacted on 01628 633475.

Jeanette Wallis - Reflexologist at The Marlow Clinic for Women's Health and Men's Health

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