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Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist

Kristina Carman

Nutritional Therapist adv.NT.dip, Naturopathy
E-RYT Yoga Instructor & Barre

Nutritional Therapy with Kristina takes an individual approach to help you achieve your
vibrant health and wellness. Kristina treats the whole person looking at everything from
symptoms, to yours and your family health history, lifestyle and your relationship with
food/nutrition. One size does not fit all and a nutrition plan is tailored entirely for the individual and your goals.

Working together we will create a bespoke protocol that suits your lifestyle and needs, a
plan that is achievable and sustainable. You’ll receive practical advice on food, meal
planning, recipes, vitamin/nutrient support, functional laboratory testing and tips on living
a balanced nutritious life which takes into account your circumstances, taste and lifestyle.

Ares of experience and expertise:
• Gut Health/ Digestive Health
• Women’s Health: Hormonal Health, Fertility, Menopause
• Family (child) Nutri&on
• Meal planing, Diet Planning, Weight Management, Intermitent Fasting
• Yoga/Barre/Medita&on/Mindfulness
• Bach Flower Remedies
• Herbal medicine

I’ve been in clinical nutritional therapy private practice for 6 years and registered with ANP
(association of naturopathic practitioners) NNA (naturopathic nutrition association) GNC
(general naturopathic council) and CNHC (Complimentary and natural health council). I’m
also a registered associate naturopath and currently furthering my qualifications for the naturopathic doctor (ND) legend.


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