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Dr Lucy Liu

Dr Lucy has been practicing acupuncture for over 25 years and comes from a family of Chinese traditional doctors. She studied Chinese Traditional Medicine at Heilongjiang and Beijing Universities and was awarded her Doctor’s licence in 2010 and her International Doctor’s Licence in 2016. She still returns regularly to Beijing to study under her professors, to stay up-to-date with current practice and the latest techniques. Before moving to Marlow in 2015 she ran The Chinese Medical Services Clinic in Bahrain for seven years.
Acupuncture has been used for over 3,000 years and is recognised as being an effective natural treatment for chronic pain relief, with no side effects. It is a particularly effective treatment for conditions such as:

-Joint, shoulder & lower back problems.
-Poor circulation. Rheumatism. Arthritis. Gout.
-Stress & nervous system issues. High blood pressure.
-Diabetes. Weight loss.
-Migraine. Insomnia.
-Strokes and paralysis recovery.
-Infertility. Impotence.

Note: For some long-standing or aggressive conditions acupuncture may not offer a cure, but can often deliver relief from pain and a better quality of life.
If you are experiencing a debilitating or painful condition please call Dr Lucy for a consultation. She also treats patients with conditions as diverse as Autism & Limes disease – and has recently supported a local gold medal Paralympian in her successful attempt to break the female world record for a solo non-stop row down the entire length of the Thames.
If you have a specific enquiry, or would benefit from a consultation, you can also contact Dr Lucy directly on: 07736 762977, or e-mail: