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Riverside Psychology – Dr Ruchi

Dr Ruchi Bakshi, Clinical Psychologist, Chartered Clinical Psychologist, BSc (Hons), MRes, DClinPsych


Ruchi is a Registered and Chartered Clinical Psychologist with over ten years of experience working in a range of services in the NHS and independently. Ruchi continues to work as a Senior Clinical Psychologist within a world-leading Children’s Hospital in central London alongside her role at Riverside Psychology Marlow. Ruchi specialises in working with children, adolescents, parents (the perinatal period and beyond), and women’s health and emotional well being. Ruchi also works with teams, organizations, and systems, offering consultation, workshops, and training.


Riverside Psychology Marlow

The river is often used as a metaphor for the stressors and strains of everyday life, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. We find that we might be stuck in the middle of a fast-flowing river with its dangers and having to use all of our energy to just about survive, and therefore not really living the life we would wish to lead. It can be difficult to work out our best next move or how to navigate life’s challenges from this position in the middle of the river. Psychological therapies aim to help you take the ‘riverside‘ or ‘riverbank’ position, where you can evaluate and explore the challenges from the safety of this viewpoint. Where you are able to explore both what might have led you to this place but also to identify the skills, strengths, and values you have to help you navigate across the river and all of its obstacles. 


“Each person is an individual with their own unique story”


I work using an integrative approach, which means that I am trained in a wide range of therapies and models including CBT, ACT, Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy, Systemic, Psychodynamic, and Attachment-based approaches. I am also trained in the Solihull Approach, Incredible Years, and Triple P parenting programs. All approaches to your care are evidence-based and endorsed by NICE. I adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards, am registered with the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC), and have chartered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and I hold an Enhanced DBS certificate.


“I strongly believe that each person has their own inner resources; however life’s stresses and challenges can sometimes leave these hidden from you. Psychology isn’t about telling you what to do but is more about helping you discover your own answers in a safe, supportive, and nurturing space that is informed by the best evidence-based psychological therapies and practice.”


Working with Adults

I specialise in supporting women with their health and well being. I truly believe that having a therapeutic space is helpful for everyone, no matter how big or small they feel the challenges they face are. Therapy can even be helpful when you are feeling good but want support with finding focus or learning more about yourself. In the same way that we might go to the gym or for a run to look after our body and mind, therapy can be another avenue by which we can look after our mind and body. 

Here are some examples of the challenges I am able to support with: anxiety, depression, trauma, low confidence, self-esteem, resilience, perfectionism, fear of failure, self-sabotage, grief and loss, loss of identity, work stress/ bullying/ burn out, relationship difficulties, transitions, divorce, co-parenting, blended families and supporting people with physical health conditions including chronic pain. 


I also specialise in supporting parents and parents to be in the perinatal journey; from pre-pregnancy to pregnancy, birth, and the early years. 



Working with Children and Adolescents

Therapy offers children, adolescents, and their families a space to think and to untangle difficulties. It provides a space to develop and share understanding, be heard, and nurture communication and relationships. In my experience, I have found that members of a family often share similar values and intentions but the stresses of both every day and extraordinary circumstances can lead these intentions to become ‘lost in translation’ between one another. Therapy can be a space to reconnect. 

Here are some examples of the challenges I am able to support with: difficulties such as worries (anxiety), mood difficulties, low mood (depression), challenging behaviour, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, bullying, sibling rivalry, transitions and grief. I can support with other early years challenges such as sleep, weaning, feeding, toileting, behaviour, transitions and the arrival of a new sibling. I also specialise in supporting children and families facing physical health conditions including rheumatology, musculoskeletal conditions, other life long or life limiting conditions and health conditions that are biopsychosocial in origin such as chronic pain conditions. 


What Next?

Please feel free to contact me to arrange a complimentary telephone consultation. I am happy to let you know more about Psychology therapy and to answer any questions you may have. I am able to offer face to face sessions at the Marlow Clinic on Mondays or online sessions at your convenience. 


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