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The Baby Scan Studio

3D Baby Scan Studio Marlow, Private Ultrasound, 4D Baby Scan Marlow, Early Pregnancy Scans Marlow

The Baby Scan Studio offers pregnancy and Gynaecology scans (4D and 3D) in our comfortable and spacious surrounding in The Marlow Clinic.

We offer a complete range of private ultrasound scans at any stage of pregnancy and are part of The West London Miscarriage Clinic specialising in early pregnancy issues.
We also offer detailed Gynae scans for Infertility, Cycle monitoring, irregular bleeding and other conditions.

The Baby Scan Studio has been the Primary provider in Ultrasound in this field in Buckinghamshire since 2008 and many of our patients have been to us for previous pregnancies or have been recommended to use our services by friends and family or by other practitioners. We are proud that many local practitioners refer patients to us as they know our high levels of Professionalism, care and customer service.

Women's Health MarlowThe team of four highly experienced Sonographers, three friendly receptionists and a full-time administrator are led by Cathy Stewart, who founded the business after gaining years of experience in both the NHS and privately run clinics.

The Ultrasound room is large enough to allow for several family members to attend if required but has an intimate feel if the patient is accompanied by just her partner. The equipment is ‘state of the art’ and a flat screen allows for comfortable visualisation of the scan.

All of our clinics are registered with the Care Quality Commission

The services the clinics provide include:


  • Pregnancy scans
  • Reassurance scans
  • Growth scans
  • Detailed scans
  • Gender scans
  • 4D Bonding scans
  • Presentation scans
  • Nuchal Translucency scans
  • Harmony blood testing
  • Gynaecological scans

Gynae Scans

Gynaecological and Early Pregnancy Scans Marlow

Early Pregnancy Scans

3D & early pregnancy scans at the Marlow scan clinic

4D Scans

4D Baby Scans Marlow, Early Pregnancy Scans, Marlow Scan Clinic

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