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NLP Kids Coach

Judy nlpNLP Kids Coach – specialising in life coaching for children and teens……………….and their parents.

Judy Bartkowiak is an NLP children’s therapist with 15 years’ experience in the field of NLP. Judy’s background is in children’s market research, working for TV production companies, toy manufacturers and publishers, finding out what children thought of their products and adverts. She then combined this with running a Montessori Nursery School while her own four children were toddlers. In 2000, she was introduced to NLP and was immediately hooked. The positive psychology of NLP, the simple techniques and the focus on the idea that we have choices about how we believe, offers children possibilities where they thought there were none. Judy decided to write about how parents could adopt these techniques to become happier and more confident parents. This book, ‘Be a happier parent with NLP’, was published by Hodder Education and was the first of a number of NLP and parenting books. Judy became a Trainer in 2011 and now offers Training courses for existing NLP Practitioners in using NLP with kids alongside her successful kids coaching practice.


NLP therapy for children can help them become more confident in these ways:

–          Believe in themselves

–          Own their space against a bully

–          Learn in the way that fits the way they process information

–          Express themselves so that they are clearly understood

–          Improve their rapport skills for making friends

–          Conquer their fears and anxieties

–          Recognise their skills and qualities

–          Be willing to learn from feedback

Judy offers a first session of an hour and a half at her home in Burnham (SL1 8NT) on a Saturday or during the school holidays where she incorporates activities such as drumming, art and craft, music, drama to relax children so they feel they can trust her and feel safe sharing their feelings and thoughts. Subsequent sessions take place at The Marlow Clinic after school.



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